How to Make Clay Pumpkins

How to Make Clay Pumpkins

Materials: clay something sharp access to water and a lollipop stick.


Step one : you have to take your clay and divide it into two very even pieces.

Step two: now your should either roll it around slowly or smooth it out with your thumb.

Step three : now you should press your thumb into the middle (but not too deep as you will then mess it up) and make it into a bowl shape and of course make sure both pieces are even.

Step four : smooth the inside with your thumb(s) and roughen the sides.

Step five: get some water on your finger and put it on the sides.

Step six: carefully join both bowl shapes together. when joined smooth the sides together so you can’t see the join.

Step seven : when joined use your ever so valuable lollipop stick to make dents so it can look real.

Step eight : use your lollipop stick again to make the shape of the eyes and mouth you desire using your pinkie to get to the inside.

Step nine : use some extra clay to make a stalk and attach it and smooth it in as softly as you can.

Step ten : now you should leave it to harden and once done paint and/or decorate as you wish. Happy October!

By Bobby