Literacy and Numeracy Fun

Literacy and Numeracy Fun

Literacy Development and Numeracy Development are embedded in the HSCL Scheme and it is the belief that parents are the first and most important educators of their child. The role of parents in fostering and developing their child’s literacy and numeracy skills is central; the HSCL Scheme aims to enable parents to become active participants in their children’s learning and to stimulate learning in the home. A wide range of literacy and numeracy initiatives are implemented by coordinators, each adapted to the age and ability level of the pupil.

Parents are invited to participate in these programmes both in the home and in school.

Some activities in St. Francis Senior School are:

  • Story Sacks classes
  • Paired reading
  • Maths Classes for parents

If you would like to get involved in any literacy or numeracy initiative please contact Ms.Kiely on 0861894914