Zoom Etiquette/Protocols

Zoom Etiquette/Protocols

St. Francis Senior School

Zoom Etiquette/Protocols


  1. Pictures or recordings of the video call are not allowed.

  1. Remember our school rules – they are still in place, even online.

  1. Set up your device in a quiet space, with no distractions in the background.

  1. Join the video with your microphone muted and your camera/video on.

  1. Raise your hand before speaking, just like you would do in class.

  1. If you have the chance to talk, speak in your normal voice, using kind and friendly words.

  1. Show respect by listening to others while they are speaking.

  1. Ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the video call.

  1. There should be no eating or drinking during the meeting.

  1. The wearing of earphones and headphones is strongly recommended in order to cut out background noise.

  1. Be on time – set a reminder if it helps.

  1. Be aware that when participating in group video calls, you can be seen and heard unless you are muted or have disabled your camera.

  1. You may be removed from the meeting if you are engaging in inappropriate behaviour.

  1. Enjoy! Don’t forget to wave hello to everyone when you join!

  1. Parents/Guardians should be mindful that their child is participating in a zoom class and keep an eye on things at all times.