Ms. Gargan’s Classwork 1st – 5th February ’21

Ms. Gargan’s Classwork 1st – 5th February ’21

Good morning!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a good rest.

Attached please find the overview and activities for this week’s work as well as last week’s Spellings and Maths answers.

There are new activities appearing daily on Google Classroom so make sure to take a look. Also, keep working away at Mathletics.

Have a good week.

Take care,

Ms. Gargan


Overview Ms. Gargan’s Class 1st – 5th Feb

Miss Nolan’s group 1st – 5th February

all about me

Dublin crest

Dublin GAA

counties blank map

counties of ireland


Saint Brigid PP

St. Brigid’s Cloak

Torthaí agus glasraí

Blurb writing activity