Rm 3-Halloween Haunted House Colour Spiral Art

Rm 3-Halloween Haunted House Colour Spiral Art

Halloween Art lesson



Rm 3 have been learning about Procedures this month so we created this art lesson over two days following a set of steps. First we learnt about creating shade and light by adding white paint to lighten and black paint to darken the chosen colour.

Day One

We drew a white circular space for the moon and gradually we began creating a BLUE colour range by adding a small amount of blue paint to white paint each time to create the lightest blue shade possible. This was then painted around the circle. We continued with this process adding more blue to each circle. Then it was time to begin adding black paint to darken. This was continued until we reached the end of the page.

Day Two

We drew the silhouette of a haunted house on the colour spiral page. This was then painted black. Some chose to add graveyards, bats and ghouls to make it more SPOOKY.

Well done Room 3.