School Facilities


We have a huge range of facilities at St. Francis Senior School.


In St Francis SNS, we love to read so we feel very lucky to have such a
bright, inviting school library. With hundreds of books on our shelves, we have something to suit every reader’s taste. Our genres include fiction books in a variety of levels, as well as factual information books including books about sports, history, geography, science and general knowledge to name a few! We also have 4 computers, a projector and a pull-down screen for small group work.

When pupils come to the library, they get the opportunity to pick books to bring home, do some project research or just relax and enjoy a good book. Our classes are encouraged to visit regularly.

We are also proud to be part of the ‘Write to Read’ English scheme and as such, we have a fantastic collection of sets of novels that are used in class each day. All our pupils read several novels throughout the year and engage in discussions about what they read, just like a real book club. For many of our pupils, ‘reading groups’ is their favourite time of day!

Sports Hall

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