Instructions for setting up Google classroom

Instructions for setting up Google classroom

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How to set up Google Classroom

We find ourselves in another lockdown and so, as a school community we are required to continue to develop our children’s learning through distance learning. This year we are lucky to have set up Google Classroom for all students who wish to avail of it, as a two way learning platform .Students ,teachers and parents alike, are learning how to use this platform together so, we will take it in baby steps and remember we are always here to assist you in any way we can.

Before, allowing your child to have access to their google classroom ,please have a discussion about how to use this platform appropriately .It is a platform for learning and is not to be used as a social platform. Remind your child that anything they write in these settings, it is for everyone to see and read and is permanent, even when deleted . The school reserves the right to delete any participant that is using the platform inappropriately or  not for the means in which it is intended for .

Please keep your child’s password safe and check regularly what they are doing on it.

Follow these Steps (The steps written down look difficult but it’s quite easy as it’s mostly prompts, Give it a try )

  • Open google browser  and type ‘ google sign in ‘
  • Your child’s username is their own first name and surname that the school uses, all lower case eg ‘’
  • There is a general password for the first login ‘class123‘ all lower case
  • You will be prompted to create new password .This must contain at least 1 capital letter ,1 number and at least 8 characters .
  • Now you should be in …..
  • Go to Top right hand corner of the screen and select the tile icon (9 dots)
  • Select ‘classroom’
  • Accept invite
  • select ‘I’m a student’
  • select ‘Join’

You are now a member of your digital classroom ,please await an assignment from your teacher remember they are learning too .In the meantime send a polite message to everyone to let them know that you are there .

***if your child has a double barrelled name use the one that their teacher usually uses ,ask your child or teacher when they call you