Science week in Room 8

Science week in Room 8

We celebrated Science week in Room 8 this week. We made our very own Lava Lamps and learned about how water and oil don’t mix and how oil is less dense (lighter) than water. Why not try this at home!

What to do
  • Pour the water into the bottle ( half way).
  • Use a measuring cup or funnel to slowly pour the vegetable oil into the bottle until it’s almost full. …
  • Add 10 drops of food coloring to the bottle (we like red, but any color will look great.) …
  • Break a seltzer tablet in half and drop the half tablet into the bottle.

We also learned about different types of forces. We made foam rockets and experimented with them out in yard. We learned that the distance the rockets went depended upon how far you pull the

elastic band, the angle at which you hold the rocket and the direction of the wind. Check out the videos and pictures down below!

Our Foam Rockets

Experimenting with the rockets!

Experimenting with rockets 2

Well done room 8!