Timetable for 25th – 30th Jan

Timetable for 25th – 30th Jan

Hi everyone, I hope you had a good weekend! Here is a timetable of work for those of you who are not on Google Classroom. I will upload Maths answers here on Friday. If anybody has any questions they can contact me at mrfitzgerald@stfrancissns.ie

If you would like to sign up for google classroom you can follow the following instructions:

  • Open google browser  and type ‘ google sign in ‘
  • Your child’s username is their own first name and surname that the school uses, all lower case eg ‘joebloggs@stfrancissns.ie
  • There is a general password for the first login ‘class123‘ all lower case
  • You will be prompted to create new password .This must contain at least 1 capital letter ,1 number and at least 8 characters .
  • Now you should be in …..
  • Go to Top right hand corner of the screen and select the tile icon (9 dots)
  • Select ‘classroom’
  • Accept invite
  • select ‘I’m a student’
  • select ‘Join

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