Work pack Week 7 – 22nd – 26th February

Work pack Week 7 – 22nd – 26th February

Hey everyone,
I hope everyone had a lovely midterm 🙂
This week we are focusing on week 18 and unit 18 in Master your Maths and Spell It. For the upcoming week, we will be working on money in Maths and persuasive writing in English. We will be having a zoom call tomorrow so I would like to see everyone attend the zoom call. Make sure that you have your favourite poem ready to share with the group. I am looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Enjoy the week and keep working hard.

Mr Mulgrew

Overview of Work – Week 7 – 22.01.2021

3D Art Construction

Active Alphabet

How schools have changed over time worksheet

Irish Schools in the past

Na Ceithre Shéasúr tasc Na Séasúr

Reflection Task learning from home