Room 11- Online learning – Week 2

Room 11- Online learning – Week 2

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to another week of online learning. I hope you all had a nice weekend. Below you will find the work I would like you to complete this week.  I am also uploading hints and tips for this weeks Master Your Maths. Please log on to Google Classroom as there are also some assignments for you to complete. Throughout the week, I will be posting videos on Google Classroom to help you with your spellings and Master your Maths, so be sure to log in and check those out!

If you have any questions or if you need my help, please send me an email or post me a comment on Google Classroom.

Have a great week.

4th Class Pack Week 2

Art – Food Pictures

History – Famous Irish Women

Irish – Food Examples

SPHE-I Am An Amazing Person!

Master Your Maths Tips Week 13

blue book tips pg 30

blue book tips pg 31

yellow book tips pg 30

yellow book tips pg 31