Work Pack Week 8 1/3/21 – 5/3/21

Work Pack Week 8 1/3/21 – 5/3/21

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I hope you got plenty of sunshine over the weekend. Here is the work pack for the upcoming week. Enjoy the week and keep up the wonderful work. Zoom call will be on tomorrow at 12 and details will be uploaded soon on Goggle Classroom. Make sure to log on :). The focus this week will be on money in maths and persuasive writing in English. A few fun activites will be posted on Google Classroom throughout the week.


Overview of Work – Week 8 – 01.03.2021.docx

Night of the Museum Thieves Reading

Hamster Reading

Gailege – weather

Gaeilge worksheet

Billy The Bird Reading

The Sun Facts

Summer Reading

Willy Wonka Reading

Sunflower Activity

The Sun Facts

SPHE (1)

Dance Dice PDF